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I always partner with local guiding companies to ensure I have proper insurance, permits, and other coverage for operating within National and State managed lands. 

Here is a short list of some of my favorite adventures 

Climb and Ski

Mt Hood

Let's summit and ski and ski the tallest mountain in Oregon! Maybe you have watching it every day on your commute to work, or maybe this is the first you've heard about adventuring up this beast, but either this is an amazing adventure for an intrepid skier. 

Typically, we climb and ski the South Side Route, anytime after the base is deep enough in December through the last of the snow melting in July. Obviously, the feel of the mountain changes throughout the season, but the skiing stays great for a long time.


Climb Mt Hood

Mt Hood is an amazing mountain. It is the highest point in Oregon, has glaciers on almost every side of the mountain, has only technical routes to the summit, and is only an hour and a half from Portland. You can be brand new to mountaineering or a seasoned climber and still find great excitement on Mt Hood.

The standard route in on the South Side, but we can climb any route you desire. 

Climb rooster rock

Rooster Rock is an incredibly cool and very unique rock pinnacle just 45 minutes outside of Portland. It stands about 200' vertically, right on the banks of the Columbia River. Anyone who is adventurous and excited about doing some climbing would love tagging this unique summit.

This adventure takes about three hours. We climb a pretty basic route, going up two pitches to the summit. 


Rock Climb At Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park, in central Oregon, is one of the premier climbing locations in the US. It is the birthplace of American Sport Climbing, and offers an enormously wide range of climbing.

Join me for one or two days of exploring this wonderland. We will focus on whichever skills you're seeking to build, whether thats learning how to climb outside, how to lead sport climbs and set up simple top-ropes, or maximize your efficiency on multi-pitch routes, we can achieve your goals!

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