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I have had the opportunity to travel, explore, work, and adventure in some of the world's most amazing places. These places are world famous, like the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand's Mount Cook/Aoraki National Park, or little known outside of a hardcore local crew, like the ice climbing area the Junkyard in Southern Vermont. I have explored these places in search of adventure, and to hone my craft as a guide and leader in the mountains.

I have taken numerous training courses through the American Mountain Guides Association and other professional organizations, and achieved certifications as a Rock Instructor and Single Pitch Instructor. I have also sought out mentorship from lifelong guides who are masters in their craft.


Featured Adventure

Climb and Ski

Mt Hood

Let's summit and ski the tallest mountain in Oregon! Maybe you have seen it every day on your commute to work and dreamt of reaching the summit, or maybe this is the first you've heard about adventuring up this beast, but either way this is an amazing adventure for an intrepid skier. 

Typically, we climb and ski the South Side Route, anytime after the base is deep enough in December through the last of the snow melts in July. Obviously, the feel of the mountain and the nature of the climbing and skiing changes throughout the season, but the skiing stays great for a long time.

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